Where else did we go…

Oh yeah; Minca and La Guajira.

I really loved Minca! It’s an adorable little town about 600m up in the Sierra Nevada where the climate is fresher and the coffee is excellent. Minca is also very tranquil; if you haven’t eaten before 9p.m. then you’re fresh out of luck! Julian, Lindi and myself stayed at a hostel where we were six people including staff. It was a bit like being at camp. During the day we’d hike and swim in waterfalls and during the evening we’d drink beer and play Djenga. I lent my camera to Tom and Polly who were filming  a documentary about FMA, so I’ll post the photos once I get them from Julian. Its pretty incredible that a place so close to Santa Marta can be some completely different in climate and scenery!

The last weekend before Christmas, Norah, Lindi and myself went on a somewhat impulsive trip to the region of La Guajira. We’ve all wanted to go to Cabo de la Vela and Punta Gallinas, but usually you have to go with a Tour Guide and that’s ridiculously expensive. So we booked a two hour bus ride from Santa Marta to Rioacha, and pretty much took it from there. It turned out to be quite the ride.. We took a taxi from the bus station in Rioacha, then a shared ride for another couple of hours to Oiriba, a jeep through the desert for what seemed like an eternity before finally arriving in Cabo de la Vela. We left the bus station at 7a.m. and by the time we got settled at a hostel in Cabo the sun was about to set, so about 10 hours in total. We spent the night in hammocks on the beach and woke up well rested and covered in bites. We caught a one hour ride in a jeep to Puerta Bolívar and from there we got in a boat with some indigenous guys. We were told it would take another hour, so after about an hour and a half we were sure we were being taken to Venezuela. It took two hours and caused some serious bruising, but we made it to Punta Gallinas! And it was well worth the trip! Pictures are all up, except from the crazy boat ride and the delicious lobster dinner at the hostel

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