Let’s Talk About Sex!

A couple of weeks ago a new volunteer arrived from Canada. She works with Sexual Education in Canada and has decided to bring all her knowledge and a ton of free condoms here to Santa Marta! We couldn’t be more pleased! Teen pregnancy is a major problem here. We have girls drop out of school at 13 and 14 to have babies. Norah’s approach considers more than one root cause, so the talks we do in the barrios cover not only contraceptives, but also confidence in young adults, techniques for saying no, how parents can talk to their children about sex and much more. Nora doesn’t speak Spanish, so before the talks all the volunteers get together and translate the material and talk about what is more appropriate here. Obviously more than just the language needs changing when you move a Sex Ed class from Canada to Colombia. 90% of Colombians are catholic and many of the topics we bring up for discussion have been taboo in these barrios. Older women and men, coming to these talks despite how uncomfortable it makes them, is a real testament to how important they feel sexual education has become. The idea is to have an open dialogue about sex between different members of the community, representing different generations, and supplying them with the knowledge they never received. The dialogue helps us find out where things go wrong. Is it difficult to get hold of the condoms or difficult to use them correctly? Is it a choice not to use them, and if so, why? We have had some really interesting discoveries on our way and we are really impressed that we have been met with such openness. Reducing teen pregnancy and the occurrence of STIs would be a huge contribution to these two barrios, so naturally we hope to continue the work after Norah returns to Canada

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One thought on “Let’s Talk About Sex!

  1. Karin Årsvoll

    Very important work indeed. Good luck!

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