Teaching English for adults

I’ve been teaching adults for a couple of weeks now and I have to say it’s pretty hard work! Not only do they all have different levels of English, they also have completely different backgrounds in terms of schooling. I spend ages preparing my classes and half the time we wind up covering completely different topics. I definitely have a new found respect for language teachers! Some of the topics can get really frustrating for them and me, but they’re very keen and motivated and they never give up. I also think it helps that we always have a good time together! I mean the Norwegian girl trying to explain English grammar in Spanish is pretty hilarious! My youngest student is 15 and my oldest is probably around 45. The younger ones still attend school some days a week and they pick up the grammar really quickly while the older ones don’t seem to completely understand the Spanish grammar. Luckily the younger ones love helping out and we seem to be getting there as a team! I am also getting some help form Rachel, a FMA volunteer with 10 years of teaching experience!  I’m really excited to see how much I’ll be able to teach them before I leave, but also how much Spanish I will learn in the process!! Here’s a picture of three of my students; Amparo, Luis and Jesus. (The snake is Riccardo, Amparo’s son)

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One thought on “Teaching English for adults

  1. Karin Årsvoll

    I love your new respect for language teachers. Good luck to you with your intense work! Love from a foreign language teacher:)

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