Field Trip to the University

On Friday we took some of the kids from Fundadores on a small outing to the University of Magdalena. The kids are always excited when they get to leave the barrio for a while, so they would have been happy with just the taxi drive over. But what awaited them at the university was so much better! There was a mini candy land set up at campus, and they were the guests of honour!

The kids found a great story teller

The students from one of the marketing classes have been given the assignment to do a project for an NGO and one of the groups chose to do a campaign for the FMA shampoo. The foundation has been given the necessary help to produce this all natural shampoo for a low production cost and we get to keep the profits, but in order to make profits we need to actually sell some shampoo. Obviously it’s difficult for an NGO to seriously promote anything when funds are so low, so having the assistance of the marketing students was much appreciated!!

FMA schmpoo: Orquideas

On Friday all of the teams set up different stands at campus to present their project and to promote the charity they worked for. FMA was invited to visit the stands and knowing the kids don’t often get experiences like these; the marketing students went all out! There were tons of candy and balloons, the kids got presents and they even set up a mini bouncy castle in their auditorium! Obviously by the end of the day the kids were completely hyped up on sugar, and we were all pretty tired by the time we got back to the barrio, but I’m so glad we did it! Even at their craziest; they’re such lovable little monsters 🙂 Click here for more photos from our little adventure!

The tiniest bouncy castle and the happiest kids!

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