Moving Day is finally here!!

I’m so excited to move in to a place with a kitchen and a key!!!! No more sausages and snails for me 😀 no more waking people in at 3 in the morning to let me in. No more barking dog at 05.:30. But finding this magical place I speak of was no easy task… We’ve spent the last two weeks being moody, wound-up-too-tight bitches – and that is no way to live in the Caribbean! I don’t think we would have made it if it weren’t for the cheap rum! But at least the experience was culturally educational

This is what I have learned about flat hunting in Santa Marta, Colombia:

  • The internet is overrated
  • Pounding the pavement is the only strategy that works
  • If you go flat hunting with a friend of the same sex, you must specify that you’re not gay, so you’re not looking to share a queen bed for three months
  • Anyone can rent out a flat, so you might want to ask your hairdresser, the guy at the juice stand, the guy at the electrical supply store or the guy that sleeps on your doorstep
  • Homeless people are to Santa Marta what the Yellow Pages are to the western world
  • Real-estate agencies and rental contracts are for squares
  • In Santa Marta “amoblado” means furnished, but also not furnished
  • There is a general misconception that white people come to Colombia with a truckload of furniture
  • You say “I’m looking for an apartment in Santa Marta”; They hear “I want to move to Rodadero
  • Don’t give out your number! Your phone will never stop ringing
  • In the context of wanting an apartment, ‘Yes’ means yes, ‘maybe’ means yes, ‘no’ means yes and ‘definitely not, not in a million years’ means maybe…
  • That the apartment has a shower is not to say that it has a working shower
  • In Colombia, a working shower is not a necessity…
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3 thoughts on “Moving Day is finally here!!

  1. Fantastisk!! eg ler mens eg lese… Kjekt å bli kjent med andre kulturer 🙂

  2. se for deg at me vandre gatelangs uten å vita kor me ska. det regne på en måte som ikkje eksistere i norge. me vasse i en blanding av regnvann og avløpsvann..det e sykt løye nå, men tro meg; det va ikkje mye lett når det sto på! eg har lagt ut bilder fra leiligheten! den va heldigvis verdt strevet 🙂

  3. Gratla Mari, håpe det blir en bra plass å bo! Veldig kjekt å lese innleggene i den flotte bloggen din. Take care! 😀

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