Columbus Day Weekend!!!

Today was Columbus Day and for some twisted reason the Colombians enjoy celebrating the colonisation of the Americas…anyway, for us it meant a long weekend and after all the hopeless attempts of finding an apartment, we were ready for a break! Saturday was spent with the Sin Fronteras girls in Costeño. The weather was pretty bad, but Costeño is a great place in any weather. Its an hour bus ride and a 30min walk away, but the beach is practically deserted. There’s a nice little hostel with some surfers chilling in their hammocks and a couple of dogs, but that’s about it really! Unfortunately for us we missed both lunch and dinner, but we caught the sunset before heading home and left Costeño pretty pleased! Photos

Saturday we took our first trip to Tayrona National Park. I love hiking, but 2,5 hours (each way!) in this horrific combo of heat and humidity was almost too much to bear… Turns out we could have cut the trip short by one hour as there are minibuses inside the park, but except for sports day we don’t get a lot of exercise here, so it probably did us good!! And when we FINALLY arrived at “El Cabo” the third beach and the front page of Lonely Planet Colombia, it was all worth it!! envy away!

After Tyrona, Pippa was Pretty in Pink, so we only spent a few hours at Playa Blanca on Monday. We had some issues with the boat driver that took us over, but the day was still pretty nice:) Here are some photos!

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