Día del Deporte with Colombia Sin Fronteras!

Today FMA and CSF joined forces and arranged sports day together for about 70 kids! It may sound like the perfect recipe for total madness, but with two directors and 15 volunteers it was all pretty much smooth sailing J Busses brought the kids from the barrios to a fenced off park right outside the city. The CSF bus had some trouble, but the FMA kids waited patiently and played soccer in the parking lot for half an hour. But for them it was pretty exciting just to be out of the barrio. The minute we got into the park the kids ran off and changed from jeans to their soccer uniforms (previously given to them by the foundations) and the day could kick off, one hour behind schedule. We are definitely in the Caribbean 😉

We started off with some simple warm-up exercises and split the kids into groups. We played football, basketball and volleyball with the older kids and played tag and duck, duck, goose with the little onesJ  All goals and … were celebrated with high fives and hugs. The kids don’t get a lot of physical affection at home, so whenever the volunteers are around it’s like they try to “fill up” on it! It got pretty intense being under the Colombian sun all day, but we had breaks with water, bananas and sandwiches

The rest of the photos are here

I also got to meet my new house mate, an English girl volunteering with Sin Fronteras. Since she speaks both English and Spanish, I’m hoping she’ll help bridge the gap between me and the homestay family. I think the girls are beginning to suspect I have some sort of serious mental illness

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    A great post from Mari, one of our volunteers, about sports day!

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