First couple of times in Oasis

So far I’ve been to the neighbourhood of Oasis twice. Both times I didn’t know until we hopped in a taxi, so I didn’t bring my camera yet.. Yesterday I helped out in an english class and today was sports day 🙂 It gets pretty hectic with all the children, especially because they are from all different ages and ability levels. But when we manage to touch on a subject that interests them they turn into these little learning sponges! It’s amazing to see how they respond to praise and support! They are just so completely lovable!! Sports day was naturally even more chaotic. It was spent playing football, basketball, jumping ropes, shark shark, rugby and more. Some of the equipment is old, but the kids make up for it in enthusiasm!! I had the best time!! It was blazing hot and humid. I don’t think I’ve every sweated as much before in my life, but I didn’t even really notice until I was in the taxi heading back to town 🙂

Tonight is trivia night at La Brisa Loca (one of Santa Marta’s popular hostels). Sure to be a good time, and hopefully we’ll raise a bit of money!

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One thought on “First couple of times in Oasis

  1. Hei Mari! Så kjekt å lese bloggen din – flott jobba! Veldig godt å høre at alt har gått så fint, og du har det bra! Vi følge spent med på fortsettelsen 😀 Masse klemmer fra Far

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